Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We’re Committed to A Clean House

Sea Brite Carpet Cleaning does more than floors…we also specialize in upholstery cleaning with eco-friendly hot water extraction that gets out the dirt and leaves your living room and bedroom furniture looking brand new. We can work with all fabrics, using top of the line equipment that won’t do damage. Why spend hard-earned money on all-new furniture when an appointment with Sea Brite gets your sofas and chairs steam cleaning for much less, and your furniture remains in great shape!

Does your sofa upholstery not look so bright and fresh as it did the day you bought it? Years of wear on recliners, couches, and vintage furniture can leave your home feeling unclean. When you think of how much dirt and odor is trapped in the fabric, you could retain germs and toxins that pose a threat to everybody in your home! Sea Brite handles the problem of ground-in dirt, sweat and grime with ease. Our hot water extraction process is gentle and safe and works on even the most delicate of upholstery.

Our Process

We can clean everything from the most delicate of materials to stubborn stains in tough spots:

  • Man-made textiles: nylon, herculon, acetate, olefin, polyester.
  • Organic materials: cotton, rayon, silk, linen, and wool
  • Rugged fabrics: denim, velour, brocades, tapestries, damask, acrylics and plaids

After cleaning, we’ll apply 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protection and DuPont Teflon Protection* to maintain that clean look and prevent future spills and stains from setting.